CheeseKids #Madiba67

The 18th of July 2012 saw us celebrate the 94th birthday of a legend Mr Nelson Mandela and every year all around the world people celebrate the day with him by giving back 67 minutes of their time to help better their community.

This year I decided to give a whole day to the cause instead of just 67 minutes. On the 29th of July the CheeseKids Foundation put together an event where that actually took people out to homes and communities that were in need of help either painting, gardening or even distributing food. And then brought everyone back for an amazing concert in Marie Fitzgerald square.

So after a pretty quick registration process and my T-shirt and goodies acquired I set off to Museum Africa where I join other volunteers as we repainted the graffiti stained wall of the Museum. After a good 3 hours the area we were assigned looked fantastically pink (I say fantastic because the choice of pink really was “Fantastic!!!!”)

The day was concluded with an amazing concert that I was lucky enough to MC, completely covered in paint (including my hair), along sides my “crazE” co-presenter Zola Hashatsi and the beautiful Stacey Holland from Etv’s Sunrise.

The crowd was treated to performances by the likes of:
GB Collective (By the way… the lead singer Greg Borowsky is gorgeous!!!)
The Soil
Dance Crew the Reptiles
Sunny Boy
Lonehill Estate

All in all it was an amazing successful day that I really and truly hope will get more people involved in the movement and take part next year.



Myself and Kalayvan Nadar Painting Museum Africa

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