Theodore Jantjies and Maurice Paige

Platform 9

Johannesburg is honestly a hub for the most amazing, diverse and captivating art forms. From music to graffiti, painting to photography, poetry to theatre productions, anything your heart desires can be found in Joburg.

One form that always makes an impression on me is the theatre. It always takes me back to the days where going to the theatre was a huge event, the dressing up, the champagne, socializing, pretty much the whole package.

So when the opportunity to watch Platform 9 came knocking… I was there like a bear…

The play stars two very well known actors from the television and theatre word, Theodore Jantjies and Maurice Paige and is directed by Christo Davids (Also a famous South African actor). Set in Cape Town on the famous Platform 9 the audience is taken on a journey with Theo and Mau as they make their way to Joburg in pursuit of their dreams. Missing their train leaves them stranded on the Platform where they meet some very interesting characters.

The play is very well thought out and really relates to the audience as its characters are based on real South Africans from Heidleburg in the Cape and as one audience member explained to me “if you ever visit Heidleburg you will definitely find a character just like that.”

Jantjies explains the production as “a story of friendship – the laughs, the tears, the disappointments and the joys.

To me, the production is witty, entertaining and honestly a great evening out. The two actors will have you in stitches throughout the play as they change costumes, adjust their accents and portray true South African characters in style. The acting is phenomenal and you really believe that each character is played by a different actor.

However one recommendation I do have, if you are not that skilled in the Capetonian Afrikaans department you might want to take a translator with you as the majority of the play is in Afrikaans.

So with that said I vote you get down to Joburg Theatre from the 14th to the 19th of August and check out Platform 9. Shows are at 8pm Tuesday to Saturday and at 3pm on Sunday. Tickets are R90 and are available by visiting or calling the theatre’s direct ticketing line on 0861 670 670.

Ps. Look out for Lovie!!!! He’s my favourite!!!!


Theodore Jantjies and Maurice Paige
Theodore Jantjies and Maurice Paige actors in Platform 9


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