To be honest when it comes to the East Rand, its only good for two things… Nicci Beach and in turn H20 and the fact that I get to see all my family (Yes my family lives in the east rand and I’m totally proud to say that). Other than that if I wanted to see pimped out cars and wife beaters I would just watch Fast and the Furious (Only the first one because the rest are rubbish).

However I have now found a new reason to visit the East Rand, and it lies within the East Rand Mall and if you are like me and live to eat… then I suggest you get yourself down to the brand new restaurant, Parrots.

Yesterday I had the privilege to go to its pre-opening and test the waters. On my menu for the day was some freshly made sushi, waffles and ice cream, Chocolate cake and ended it off with Fudge Caramel Chilla

When it comes to sushi I’m never really a fan of having it in a non Japanese restaurant because you never really sure if you are going to get the freshest quality but that cannot be said about Parrots. The sushi was really tasty and one of the things I was impressed by was the variety of sushi that was on the menu. It was a menu that was typical of a sushi restaurant.(Big thumbs Up!!!)

The full menu contains a big selection of dishes which is great because a patron is spoiled for choice and you can always accommodate the tastes of the whole family.  It features pasta, pizza, grills, seafood, tramezzinis, burgers and even stir-fry and then of course there is a wide selection of desserts and beverages. Another great perk is food is inexpensive which doesn’t put strain on your pocket.

The restaurant itself is very well positioned at the entrance of the mall so you don’t have to trek through the entire mall to find it. Also it is laid out very nicely with the horrid smokers  placed at the one end and the bar and dining area being very open and comfortable.

The staff are very friendly and willing to assist at all times and this is a plus because the worst thing about a restaurant is having pathetic service. The owners and managers are also always around as well so you feel like you getting that VIP treatment.

So take the family maybe spoil your girlfriend or boyfriend or even if you want to suck up to your boss head to Parrots in the East Rand Mall

Owners George and Nikos
Owners George and Nikos

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