Half Moon Nail Tutorial

Turning a manicure on its head, half moon nails look really cool and with a little glitter can spice up any evening outfit.


What you need:

  • 2 nail polish colours
  • Ring reinforces
  • Glitter (Optional)

1. After you prep your nails, paint two coats of the color that you want to show near your cuticle.  Wait for it to dry—you need to wait for it to dry completely or you will have to start all the way from the beginning .

2. Place a binder reinforcement on the lower third of each nail, making sure to keep the curve centered else your nails are going to look lopsided.
3. Paint two coats of the other polish on top (I used Zoya-Raven). Don’t worry about getting a little on the stickers—as long as it doesn’t drip down into the hole. (That will be a fail!!!)
4. Let the polish dry for a few seconds. Gently peel off the stickers in one motion. I added a little glitter!!!! You can never have enough glitter!!!!
And that’s it!

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