Night Golf

On an almost freezing evening I missioned to the Dimension Data Campus par 3 course in Fourways, getting ready to play something that I thought was quite peculiar… Night Golf.

To my surprise once entering the Di Data Campus I did not see large flood light being set up or any lights at all, instead little green lights glowing in the distance.

Once registered and handed a ball, that looks exactly the same as a normal golf ball and a glow necklace, we set off for the course.


It turns out that all the little green lights were glow sticks set up along the golf course to highlight the flag pole and the green, which I didn’t find once that night.

It really is a super cool concept, the balls once taped against something quite hard are activated and turn into “glow balls” and the necklaces are so you can see everyone’s head and don’t run the risk of hitting someone.

Night golf

The balls create a cool effect as you see a bunch of different colours flying through the air and the fact that the course is centred around the bar helps a whole lot too!

I would definitely say that if you are looking for something different to try out one evening then give this a try.

You can join the Night golf league or organise a round for you and a few mates.


If you google Night Golf you get a couple of options but I would go with

Trust me this is one you definitely want to try!

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