DIY Easy Fire pit

When it comes to cold winter nights or a nice Sunday afternoon, a braai or a bonfire is definitely the way to go.  And now a days you can do it in style. Something that is trending in the world of design at the moment is a fire pit and I thought would be a perfect gift for my boyfriend so I decided to make one. To be honest it looks ridiculously difficult to make but is the easiest DIY project I have ever done.


What you need:

  • A flower pot/bowl
  • An old braai/metal dish/a premade fire pit
  • Landscaping sand/any sand
  • Pebbles

   20140809_143848 20140809_122716



  • Place your flower pot/bowl in the exact location that you want the fire pit. It can get very heavy once it’s completed so I suggest you make sure you place it exactly where you want it.
  • If the flower pot/bowl doesn’t have a hole in it make a hole in case it rains the water has a place to seep out of.
  • Create a layer of sand at the bottom of the flower pot/bowl.


  • Place the braai/metal dish/a pre-made fire pit in the flower pot/bowl.




  • Fill the area around the braai/metal dish/a pre-made fire pit with sand



  •  Place the pebbles around the braai/metal dish/a pre-made fire pit


  • Fill the braai/metal dish/a pre-made fire pit with wood.



Enjoy your fire pit.



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