How to plan a festive break on a budget

Can you believe that it is already October and the end of the year is fast approaching?

This year really hasn’t been all that easy on the pocket

With the constant increases in daily expenses, be it petrol, electricity or cost of living, we’ve had a tough one. So I’m guessing many of you won’t have been able to put some cash away to plan something special for your break this festive season.

Here are some ideas for a holiday that won’t cost a fortune

1. All-inclusive packages

If you aren’t careful, individual items like meals and drinks can be some of the most costly items when you are on holiday, especially if you are budgeting for a family! Look into all-inclusive or half board stays as these deals tend to offer more value for money and include some really nice perks like a free glass of wine with your main meal.

2. Travel locally to smaller locations

There are so many beautiful sites to visit in South Africa and a lot of the truly beautiful places are off the beaten track. So explore a bit further than the popular destinations like Cape Town or Durban. Find a small town like Parys or Koffiefontein and enjoy a truly local experience.

3. Bag a bargain

When booking flights, cars or even hotels often reputable booking websites offer lower rates than the actual company. So shop around – you could even get a better rate by making a last-minute booking!

4. Stay in bed-and-breakfasts or guesthouses

Hotels are so expensive nowadays and even if you manage to find a hotel with reduced rates they can still be way out of budget. Try a cosy bed-and-breakfast or guesthouse: they often offer a more personal experience and a much better rate.

5. The best things in life are often free

If you do your research on the destination you’re visiting chances are that you will find activities that are both free and enriching. For example if you are visiting Pretoria, pack a picnic basket and enjoy it in the Union Building Gardens. Not only is it beautiful, but you are also visiting one of the most beautiful and historic attractions to be found in the city.

6. Plan a staycation

I know sometimes this is the last thing you want to do but it can often be the most affordable. Put together an itinerary of all the sites around the area where you stay. You will be pleasantly surprised to see that there are often places you haven’t visited in a while or even some attractions you have never explored.

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