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A few days ago when trolling around on the internet I came across something very interesting. When you think Google you always think cutting edge technology, new inventions and high prices, this particular occasion though the headline was Google “Cardboard”, yes cardboard.
Google presents the user with a cardboard build-it-yourself virtual reality (VR) headset. Now if that sentence was slightly confusing to you it is literally a pair of goggles that you place your Android smart phone into and it transports you to a whole new world. You don’t even need a magic carpet all you need is the Cardboard app.


Why is this so impressive you ask? Well let me explain a few of features that you can access through the Cardboard app:
• Youtube lets you watch a selection of Youtube videos on a simulated theatre screen.

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• Google Street View lets you wander around in a VR version of, you guessed it, street view

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• Earth Flyover lets you zoom around a city in Google Earth.

• Photo Sphere Viewer lets you look around in pictures you’ve taken using Android’s built-in 360º panoramic feature

• Tour Guide has you explore the Palace of Versailles


In other words it lets you live in a complete and different area, place and time!

The best part of this whole invention is that you can download the Cardboard app for free and buy the goggles for about $10 online or you can download the box pattern for free from their website (www.google.com/get/cardboard)

So why you ask would Google create such brilliance? Well Google has realised that it is extremely expensive for users to purchase VR equipment and therefore there is a large gap in people who develop VR technology. This will make VR accessible to any individual who has an Android smart phone.
All I have I have to say is “Well done Google, well done”

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