S.W.E.A.T 1000 week 1 & 2


At the start of a New Year the one thing that is on every one’s mind is New Year, new me! Pretty much what that means is getting into shape, eating healthy and changing your lifestyle.
But let’s all be serious this is much easier said than done and I am a prime example of this.
Gym every day for about a month and then it just fizzles out, life takes over and gym and healthy eating goes out the window.
Of late I have noticed a new kind of workout program that everyone is talking about called S.W.E.A.T. 1000 and it looks fantastic. All the photos are of lumo classes, DJ’s, celebs and seems to be quite a fun environment to be in.
So I decided to give it a try, I have nothing to lose except my holiday weight so why not.

Turns out the classes are a combination of interval training and floor exercises that involve all areas of the body.
The first class I attended was a combination of boxing, squats and ab exercises mixed with interval treadmill training. Yes I know this sounds intense but the nice thing about it, is the different intensity levels so you don’t have to run on the same level as the person next to you. You can choose your speed dependent on your fitness levels.

I must admit after my first S.W.E.A.T 1000 class I couldn’t walk for a few days but it was totally worth it. I had so much fun jamming along to the music I didn’t even notice the massive amount of work my body was doing.
So to make things a little more interesting I decided to put together a weekly diary of my progress as an experiment to see the results in action.
Since then I have decided to go to at least one S.W.E.A.T 1000 class a week because life just gets hectic and sometimes going to gym can be rather hard. So for this experiment I thought I would do the bare minimum.

This is after 2 weeks of training at S.W.E.A.T 1000 Brooklyn.

  • The second session was fantastic and I am not stiff at all.
  • I currently weigh (Yes I am putting up my weight and yes I do know that I weigh very little but this is part of the experiment)


  • I feel fantastic, feels like I am actually putting in effort to better myself and my health.

I am going to be posting a weekly update of my progress to see just how good this can be for you.20150117_104035

If you would like to join me on this little experiment please feel to follow

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even join me for a class every Saturday at 09:30.


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