Review: Signature Restaurant Brooklyn

A couple of weeks ago I visited the one of the new fine dining restaurants in Pretoria, Signature.


Signature opened its doors in South Africa for the first time in Sandton. A beautiful restaurant with some of the most amazing views of Johannesburg. In 2014, Signature expanded its offering by opening its doors in the up market centre of Brooklyn Bridge.


 The restaurant is beautifully furnished and has an elegant atmosphere that is complemented by the jazz sounds that are being played live on stage.


As much as the atmosphere is exquisite, it was unfortunately slightly damped by the food quality and the service.


When ordering our starters the consisted of Garlic Snails in a Vul au Vent and a Salmon Tartar, I was disappointed to ask the waiter before receiving my Salmon tartar almost 15mins after the snails had arrived at the table. The snails were served in a pastry that was quite chewy and seemed to have either been in the warmer for too long or was a few days old.


The quality however picked up substantially with main meals, the prawns were cooked perfectly and the Langoustines were juicy and sweet.


For dessert we ventured for the Rose Water, Toasted Almond and Ginger Panna Cotta. The Panna Cotta was a good constancy and full of flavour however the dish itself just didn’t seem to live up to the exquisite description in the menu.


After a dinner of surprisingly average dishes and a R400 bottle of wine we were presented with a bill of just under R2000.


For atmosphere signature definitely ranks quite high up on the fine dining scale however the food I feel is overpriced and could be of better quality.

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