Review: ADAM and Daniel Baron make magic!

The boys from ADAM have teamed up with wonder man Daniel Baron to make a stunning track entitled “Say What You Want”


The song was written by Hugo Ludik (A member of ADMA) and Daniel Baron for no particular project or reason – only for the sake of putting two creative heads together and seeing what comes from it. 


“The choice to do the song together as a collaboration didn’t take much thought or time. Both Daniel and ourselves identified with every single part of the song – from the lyrics to the melody and production – and felt that our musical strengths combined would turn this song into a big hit, as well as a song we can be proud of. We are hoping that this song will get as much airplay worldwide as it deserves” says Hugo Ludik – founder of the group ADAM.


I think its an amazing collaboration that is going to take SA by storm! Check it out and let me know what you think.





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