How to avoid trashing your reputation at the office party

An office party gives you the opportunity to celebrate the end of the year with your co-workers. You should have fun, but be careful about having too good a time …

A year-end function could create the perfect opportunity to help you get closer to your colleagues – or, on the downside, it could make you the office joke for the next couple of months.

Here is a list of top tips to help you survive this year’s end-of-year office party with your reputation intact:

1. One tequila, two tequila, STOP!

Try not to go overboard with the alcohol at an office party! You can obviously have a few drinks if it will help you socialise, but make sure you know your limit and get a sober driver or Uber to take you home afterwards.

2. Stay away from your office crush – especially if you are married

This is very important, as once there’s a little bit of Dutch courage in you, it may lead you to think it’s a great idea to tell your office crush how you feel. This is not a good idea; rather wait till you are sober.

3. Don’t fight with your partner

If the event includes inviting your partner, try and pay some attention to them during the evening, so they don’t feel insecure or left out, which can result in a fight.

This can really put a dampener on your evening – for you as well as for your colleagues and their partners. Try and wait until the car trip home at least; or better yet, address any issues in the morning.

Make sure you know your limit and get a sober driver or Uber to take you home afterwards

4. Don’t hit on your boss’s wife/husband – no matter how hot they are

If you like your job you will already understand that this is a bad idea. There’s a fine line between being complimentary and being flirty – booze tends to blur that line.

5. Don’t get drunk at your partner’s year-end party

Your partner’s work colleagues may not know you very well and this is not the ideal way to create a first impression. Also consider the impact that your bad behaviour will have on your partner when they go back to work – put yourself in their shoes!

6. Don’t gossip (especially after a couple of drinks)

Somehow the person is always in earshot or the music will stop at the wrong time. Rather just keep your story for your Monday morning gossip session around the coffee machine.

I hope these tips will help you have fun, while still saving face at this year’s office Christmas party.


Written for: www.All4Women.co.za

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