It really is more fun in the Philippines!

When one of my travel partners said to me that the current slogan for the Philippines is “Its more fun in the Philipines”, after spending 3 weeks in this beautiful country the statement really is true!

With over 7000 islands it is physically impossible to visit every one in a three-week trip but we did manage to fit in quite a bit.

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Our trip started with a 13-hour flight from South Africa to Hong Kong and a further 2 hours to Manila, the Capital of the Philippines.

Next stop El Nido!

El Nido is the probably one of the most popular destinations on the island of Palawan and can be reached by a quick 1-hour flight from Manila.

The town is small and has a pretty ordinary beach, however, that is not the main attraction. El Nido (nest in Spanish) is probably the most amazing destination I have ever travelled to.

El Nido has a number of tours and areas that you must visit from the north coastline of Nacpan Beach

To the lagoons formed by the large number of limestone cliffs, the exquisite marine life to the private beach coves, El Nido is a place you must visit in the Philippines.


Manila is the capital of the Philippines and is the many city districts. Surprisingly the city is very clean and people are welcoming. The tall building makes a beautiful skyline and creates the perfect setting for a number of rooftop bars and restaurants.

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Even though Manila does provide a number of activities from clubs, bars, midget boxing to shopping, it isn’t a place in the Philippines that you need to spend longer than 2 days.


Our final destination on our trip and definitely a great way to end of a holiday. The 10th largest island in the Philippines is home to beautiful beaches and great resorts.

The most popular tourist destination in Bohol is the Chocolate Hills. Unfortunately, ladies, the hills are not made of actual chocolate but rather limestone that has formed from years of built up coral.

Bohol also hosts one of the most popular diving spots in the Philippines called Panglao Island and is the home to one of the worlds smallest primates the Philippine tarsier.

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