7 things to take with to the Philippines

When travelling to an island destination you need to be prepared for anything but you also want to leave enough space in your bag for all the shopping you are going to do.

Here is my list of top things to take with you to the Philippines.

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Aqua shoes

As with most island destinations the beaches are filled with coral and you run the risk of walking into a sea urchin, so make sure you pack in a pair of aqua shoes. I normally get mine from Mr Price Sport but don’t stress if you don’t manage to get some before you leave you can still get them at a number of shops on the beach.


Rash Vest

As a South African we are very used to a harsh sun, however the sun in the Philippines definitely took me by surprise. I know it is not very sexy but try and take a rash vest with you especially for the days out on the sea and snorkelling. It will help prevent sunstroke and keep you cool after your swim.


Waterproof/Dry bags

These are perfect for keeping your cameras safe from water and sand. You can also separate your wet clothes from dry ones.

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This is one of the most essential items! Even if you are planning on getting a tan pack in a lower and a higher SPF just to make sure your skin is always protected.


Snorkel and a mask

This is not a must as all the tours provide these but if you are a little bit of a germaphobe and would prefer your own make sure you pack one in.

Sunhat or cap

When you are doing a few tours and excursions you will find yourself in the sun, so make sure you pack in a sunhat or a cap just to protect your face and provide a little much-needed shade.



These are essential for any holiday. Make sure you pack a pair or two just in case.

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