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    Kriya’s easy Christmas nail art tutorial

    Nail art has been a huge trend this year, so why not end the year in style with a beautiful yet easy nail design that will leave everyone at the Christmas party admiring your nails. Christmas is just around the corner and its time to start preparing for those year end functions. One thing I always feel is key to completing that perfect evening outfit or look, is beautifully manicured nails. So why not get into the festive spirit and mirror the most wonderful time of the year on your nails? This design is super simple and doesn’t require a large amount of time or even artistic skill to master.…

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    South African Flag Nails Tutorial

    Heritage day is a day for South Africans to celebrate their culture and the diversity of their beliefs and traditions. So I thought the best way to reflect this special day would be with our beautiful South African flag.   Now I know you are probably thinking, “WOW this is going to be difficult” and surprisingly its not as hard as you think. Here is a step by step tutorial for the perfect South African flag.   What you need: 1. Green Nail polish 2. Yellow/gold Nail polish 3. Black Nail polish 4. Blue Nail polish 5. Red Nail polish 6. White Nail polish   Step 1: Draw the green…

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    Christmas on my nails.

      The festive season is in the air and it was quite an inspiration for my nails this week. I decided to go with some easy yet fun Christmas cheer. To make life easier, I’m going to separate it into 2 sections the snowflake and the christmas tree. Snowflake This is honestly one of the easiest designers ever but looks fantastic.   Step 1: Paint a base coat of your choice. Step 2: Paint 3 lines Step 3: Add first layer of Snowflake spikes Step 4: Add second layer of Snowflake spikes     Christmas Tree I won’t lie this one was a slight challenge but seems to have worked out quite well.…

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    Nail Stamping Revolution

      A couple of years ago I remember nail stamping making an appearance in the South African market, but I don’t think nail art was big enough at the time to really see it take off. Now a days though nail art has really become a prominent feature in the beauty industry, and boy am I glad that we are seeing nail stamping make a comeback. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, a nail stamp kit looks something like this:                                        You can get it from brands like Essence…

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    Leopard Print nail Tutorial

    This is such an easy look and can look great as an accent nail or even a full set of nail. Also depending on your colour scheme it can look extremely classy or could be used as a little fun either way it will put a little wild into your life. You will need 2 colours that look good together. I love using colours that contrast it makes your really pop Black Nail Polish A toothpick Method Paint two coats of base colours on your nails However paint your ring finger in the second colour. Blunt the end of your toothpick so it isn’t too sharp and rather rounded. Paint…

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    Polka Dot Mani

    This design is super easy and looks really cute on your nails. It could be used for summer or for winter depending on the season and the colours you choose.   What you need: 2 nail polish colours Dotting tools or a toothpick and an ear bud.       Method: Paint your base colour on all your nails wait for it to dry and apply a second coat if needed.       Use the ear bud or a large dotting tool and your second nail colour to make 3 bigger dots on each nail in the area you would normally have the white of a French manicure.  …

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    Two Tone Nails

    I’ve been absolutely obsessed with two tone nails at the moment and I thought i would give it a go with some beautiful Zoya products. And can you dig it!!!! Its so simple!!!! What you need: 2 nail polish colours Nail Strips (these can be bought at most stores that stock nail products) Method: Paint your base colour. I used white because I like the contrast Place a stripe of nail tape 3/4 from the base of your nails. Paint the tip of your nail in an different colour.   And just like that you are done! Happy Painting!!!!

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    Half Moon Nail Tutorial

    Turning a manicure on its head, half moon nails look really cool and with a little glitter can spice up any evening outfit.   What you need: 2 nail polish colours Ring reinforces Glitter (Optional) Method: 1. After you prep your nails, paint two coats of the color that you want to show near your cuticle.  Wait for it to dry—you need to wait for it to dry completely or you will have to start all the way from the beginning . 2. Place a binder reinforcement on the lower third of each nail, making sure to keep the curve centered else your nails are going to look lopsided. 3. Paint two…

  • zoya veruschka matte velvet nail polish


    So summer is supposed to be just around the corner but obviously Mother Nature is just not helping us out at the moment. This pretty much means that there are going to be no summer dresses and short shorts for a while, but don’t despair because there is always a way to brighten up these dark days. Recently I started working with the most amazing nail polish brand ever, ZOYA and what is truly unique about this line of nail polish is that it does not contain 4 of the major chemicals that you would find in normal nail polish. This means that your body is not absorbing all the…