How to travel with friends and keep them

Exploring far off places with your besties always sounds like a great idea but it can sometimes turn into a complete disaster. I have unfortunately been a victim to a ruined holiday, and it is something that I hope you will never have to endure.

Since then I have done a number of trips with friends and I have definitely taken my experience and used it to ensure that now our trips are amazing.

So, here’s a list of my dos and don’ts that will hopefully help make your next trip with friends easy and enjoyable.

  • Understand everyone’s needs and wants

This is a very crucial part of the trip! Before booking a single thing, you need to understand what everyone’s needs are. From the simplest of things such as what kind of hotel you like staying in, to what sights you want to see and how much of your time you would prefer to sit around the pool.

Deciding these things before the trip will help reduce arguments when you reach your destination.

  • Compromise is key

When traveling with friends everyone is going to have different quirks, want to eat at different restaurants, want to be thriftier with spending, even use specific modes of transportation. Sometimes you need to go with the flow and enjoy the moment.

  • You don’t always have to do everything together

It’s ok to like different things while you are on holiday, it’s what made you friends in the first place. If you want to explore the city while everyone goes partying till early hours of the morning, it’s ok!

  • Don’t get offended

People are going to make decisions that you don’t agree with, try not to take offence to them. Just because you want to go see the largest rubber band ball in the world doesn’t mean everyone else wants to see it.

  • Talk to each other

You need to share your feelings throughout the trip. If you are not feeling up to something or not happy with how much you are spending on dinner, say something!

I hope these simple tips will help you avoid a holiday catastrophe and ensure you come home with friends and great memories.

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