Instagrammers to follow during lockdown

3 days into lockdown and you have managed to repack your cupboard, build that 2000-piece puzzle and bake banana bread. NOW WHAT?

Just like me, I know a lot of people are struggling to keep busy during this period and we need a little extra motivation.

I have found a few really cool Instagrammers that have put together some really great content for us to enjoy.

  • David Higgs

This amazing chef has managed to turn the “What’s in the box” game into something everyone can enjoy. You can send him a photo of your fridge with labels and he will turn it into a 5-star dinner. Plus, to top it off his recipes are really easy and super yummy!

  •  Just A Mamma

I met this amazing woman last year and if you are a parent this is definitely an account you want to follow. She has managed to create super easy activities that will keep the kids busy for hours, even some adults.

  • Donovan and Davina

This couple has taken couple goals to a whole new level. Not only will you be left in stitches, but you might learn how to play an instrument at the same time.

  • Wardah Hartley

Need a moment to breathe and re-center yourself, Wardah is your girl. From her yoga and exercise videos to her daily motivation, she definitely needs a follow!

  • Singita

Need a break to the bush? I have been really getting a kick out of Singita’s live stream game drives. The sightings are amazing, and the guides are really knowledgable.

  • FoodiesofSA

Similar to “Tasty” and other food accounts, Foodies of SA give you quick easy South African recipes that will leave you drooling.

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