Every now and then, it all comes down to a simple choice: do I grit my teeth and pay to replace an item or do I pause, take a deep sigh and endure an insurance claim process?
More often than not, I just fork out the money! Sure, I may have insurance, but the claims process is far from fun.
Imagine my horror when I became the latest to have the worst case scenario unfold when I dropped my phone in my pocket while visiting the ladies room. Yes, it tumbled into the toilet. *Screams internally! / Cringe!*

– Photos: Gone (especially if you have no backups)
– Having to rescue your phone from the toilet, even though you’re responsible for it being there

Then, there’s figuring out whether or not you’re covered for this oh-so-common unfortunate event, which I wasn’t. Bummer!

After tumbling down the insurance helpline rabbithole, it became clear that the insurer wouldn’t rescue me from my little toilet nightmare. I wasn’t exactly flushed with excitement, as you can imagine.

So: I’ve been toying with the idea of starting my own insurance brand from scratch. It’ll cover your phone’s toilet tumbles exclusively and our whole marketing campaign will rely on the cheesiest of puns.
What I said in that recent paragraph?

It’s not exactly true, but that sure beats claiming for insurance.

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