Vilankulo an African Gem

Only an hour and 40 minutes flight from Johannesburg, Vilankulo is the perfect break from reality. The crystal clear water, warm weather and pristine beaches are just a few of the draw cards to this beautiful area of Mozambique.

It was named after a local tribal chief, Gamala Vilankulo Mukoke and in recently years the district retained the name Vilanculos. However, either name is still used today. The town itself is about 5kms long and can be explored in just a few hours, with fresh produce, seafood and souvenirs on sale at a number of makeshift stores.

However the real beauty is the shore line and the marine life that can be found just beyond it.

Vilankulo, is considered to be the gateway to the Bazaruto Archipelago. Which is a group of 6 islands off the coast of southern Mozambique, that lie within Bazaruto National Park. Here you get to experience white-sand beaches, coral reefs, rare marine animals, forests and a number of beautiful bird species.

So with so many great things on offer, what’s the catch?

Unfortunately, a trip to Vilankulo is going to cost you about the same as a trip to Europe. You are looking at about R8000 a return flight to Johannesburg and between R2000 – R4000 per person per night for 4-5 star accommodation.

So make sure you either try and book early enough or go off season to enjoy this African gem.

Here are a few of my recommendations on accommodation:

Casa Rex

Beach Lodge

Aguia Negra

Dona Ana:

Vila Do Paraiso:


I recently took a trip out to Vilankulo. It is honestly one of the most beautiful spots in Mozambique. It's such a pity flights are so expensive but it is definitely my new favourite spot in Africa. P.S. totally going back in December!

Posted by Kriya Travels on Monday, September 9, 2019

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