What to do in Sun City in winter

Sun City is a favourite destination amoung South Africans and offers something no matter how old you are. The only problem is, the first thought that comes to mind when you think Sun City is SUN!

You think, Valley of the Waves, chilling next to the pool with a cocktail and beautiful bodies in speedos. So, what do you do when winter rolls around?

After spending a long weekend at the resort, I have discovered a number of different activities (new and old) available to you and the family.

Here is my list of the top things to try out in winter.


Breakout at Sun City is a brand-new mystery-solving activity also known as escape room. Escape rooms are a fun, hour-long adventure game where you and your friends must solve clues in order to escape a ‘locked’ room. As the clock ticks, you’ll be confronted with a series of tasks, puzzles and riddles that must be solved before you can progress and eventually escape.

2. The Maze

Not only does the maze have the most spectacular views of the Sun City complex but also offers you the opportunity to challenge yourself. As you work your way through the wood and stone structure you can look forward to the cold/warm drink that awaits you at the Maze Bar.

3. Chimp & Zee Rope Adventure Park

This one is great for the kids. It may be too cold to swim at the Valley of the Waves, but you can now zip-line across it.

4. Zip-lining

Having held the record for the world’s longest, highest and fastest zip slide this one is for the thrill seekers. The zip-line is over two kilometres long and reaches an average speed of 120km/h.

5. Hot air balloon safari

Experience the Pilanesberg Game Reserve from above on a hot air balloon safari. It might be a little cold in the morning, but the experience is definitely worth it.

6. The Kings Tower at the Palace of the Lost City

This is the highest point on the resort and gives you the most stunning views of Sun City. From here you can see the lush greenery, swimming pools, golf courses, water sport activities on the nearby lake, and, if you are lucky, some wild game.

7. VR Experience

I’ve only ever seen this in the movies and now Sun City brings it to life. Here you can put yourself in the game and experience the virtual world from a new perspective. We tried out the first-person shooter simulation and it definitely gives a whole new meaning to gaming.

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